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How Much You Want - Mark Long and Colton Phobos

How Much You Want – Mark Long and Colton Phobos

For realtor Mark Long, if it wasn’t for hard luck, he wouldn’t have any luck at all. Fallen on tough times, he’s taken to crashing at the listing he’s supposed to be selling. All was going well until the day of the open house, when fellow agent Colton Phobos discovers Mark asleep in the master bedroom. Colton tells Mark he’s got an offer and that Mark is about to be ass out. Mark Long tells him about his financial woes and asks Colton if there’s any way to work out a split of the commission. Colton sees Mark’s giant cock,...

Garett Alba and Kenny Jacobs

Garett Alba and Kenny Jacobs

Garett Alba met young Kenny Jacobs at a surf competition they were working and they hit it off immediately. Kenny invited Garett back to his place so they could get to know each other a little better. We fade in on our two young studs locked in a kiss and embrace on the bed. As they passionately kiss the boys slowly undress each other revealing two studs that are very turned on for each other. Both of their cocks are standing at attention and Garett immediately swallows every inch of Kenny’s cock, thoroughly enjoying every bit of it. Garett Alba rolls...

Ryan Mondo Barebacks Tomas Decastro

Ryan Mondo Barebacks Tomas Decastro

Sexy stud Ryan Mondo and muscle jock Tomas Decastro are throwing a football lakeside. But it turns out they want to play a different game outdoors. They come together and kiss, then remove each other’s t-shirts. Tomas feels Ryan’s wood through his gym shorts, pulls it out, and sucks on the thick uncut pole. Tomas lays down and Ryan kisses him before kneeling and blowing Ryan’s prick. They 69 in the tall grass. Ryan pulls up Tomas’ legs and rims his hole. Ryan lays down next to and behind Tomas then barebacks him with his raw cock. Tomas gets up...

Tim fucks russian hunk Denis Sokolov

Tim fucks russian hunk Denis Sokolov

Tim was the lucky one testing for the first time this pearl from Russia; a true muscular and bottomless Russian hunk. Denis Sokolov is crazy sexy. A nice guy with a perfect body, that can take dicks for hours. I was totally mesmerised at the sigh of his gaping hole. Pure beauty. You’ll certainly see more of him at Timtales!!!

Slicked Up - Micah Brandt and Brayden Allen

Slicked Up – Micah Brandt and Brayden Allen

Dressed in edgy gear, with their cocks hard and their lips pressed together, beefy Micah Brandt and tattooed Brayden Allen explore each other with intense making out and frenzied groping. Brayden slicks up Micah’s cock with a spit-dripping blowjob, then gets on hands and knees for Micah Brandt to eat out his ass. Brayden shows off his pink, smooth hole, stretching it wide and gaping, and Micah drives Brayden crazy with his tongue. Eating Brayden’s butt gets Micah Brandt so worked up, he starts oozing white cum on the floor: a partial ejaculation without orgasm. But Micah’s nowhere near done...

Good Pounding - Alex Adams and Sam Northman

Good Pounding – Alex Adams and Sam Northman

Wasting no time, Sam Northman and Alex Adams are engaged in a deep passionate make-out session as they undress each other. Once the clothes come off we are treated to two amazingly beautiful tight bodies with a nice spattering of body hair. Sam is soon on his knees and deep throating all of Alex’s huge meaty cock down his throat as Alex talks dirty to him. Alex Adams then gets down on his knees and returns the favor, working over Sam’s nice eight inch cock. Both then move to the couch where Alex drives his hard cock deep inside Sam’s...

PreWorkout Sex - Hunter Vance & Matt Hart

PreWorkout Sex – Hunter Vance & Matt Hart

Hunter Vance is still sleeping and has forgotten all about training day but Matt Hart hasn’t and he is now jumping on Hunter’s bed trying to wake him up. Once Hunter wakes up Matt Hart begs him to get out of bed but Hunter won’t budge. Matt Hart pulls off the covers and it looks like Hunter’s cock is wide awake hard and ready for some attention. Matt doesn’t waste any time once he sees that sexy dick so he instantly grabs it and puts it in his mouth. Hunter still trying to wipe the sand out of his eyes...

Hard Day In The French Lads Office

Hard Day In The French Lads Office

The French Lads don’t just play together, they also work together – but with this gang of ever-boned studs it’s hard to know when one stops and the other starts. After a warm-up blowjob the lads get back to their office work, leaving the buff pair of inked pornstars to do finish the job.

Are We Gay - Johnny Riley & Scott Demarco

Are We Gay? – Johnny Riley & Scott Demarco

For school friends Scott Demarco and Johnny Riley, prom is coming up and neither of them have a date. Scott has someone in mind but hasn’t asked her yet, whereas Johnny doesn’t have anyone in mind to ask. As they part ways, Scott Demarco tells Johnny to think it over. Johnny watches Scott as he takes his detour, but realizes that isn’t the way to Scott’s house, so he follows a little behind, and when he catches up to Scott, he’s taken cover behind a building, leaning up against it as he jacks himself off in the broad daylight. Watching...

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