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Buscando pollas grandes online vaya si encontró

Buscando pollas grandes online vaya si encontró

Un día, aburrido y deprimido, se puso a buscar pollas grandes por Internet, a ver lo que encontraba que pudiera comerse, y mira por dónde encontró a este morenazo superdotado en una página de contactos, y no tardó en quedar con él, gozar de su enorme y erecta polla a base de mamadas, y por supuesto experimentarla en toda su magnitud cuando el otro decidió follarle el culo hasta límites insospechados.

HelixStudios - Introducing Christian Bay

HelixStudios – Introducing Christian Bay

Christian Bay is a gorgeous guy with a Hollywood smile. We’ve paired him up with Tyler Hill to show him the ropes and get to know more about this hot new addition to the Helix roster. Tyler’s a pro and knows all the right things to ask. The guys cover it all, from Christian’s coming out story to Tyler’s days as a high school wrestler! #HOT And EVERYTHING in between! Once the guys get down to the nitty gritty their chemistry explodes off screen! Starting out with a smoldering hot make-out session the guys quickly move on to some cock...

Boys Halfway House - Frat Boy Bareback Ass Initiation

Boys Halfway House – Frat Boy Bareback Ass Initiation

It’s always fun initiating a new resident frat boy, but this one was extra special, because he got barebacked before his suitcase was even unpacked. I had heard from his PO that he had been enrolled in a four year school, so before he arrived I figured he’d be some sort of Einstein wannabe. In fact, he was more of a beta-male frat boy. I guess he played one to many games of “Quarters” and somehow ended up in trouble. It must have been really bad; usually the letter jacket dudes get quite the break.

Czech Hunter 268

Czech Hunter 268

I love Czech Hunter 268 to completely derail other people’s plans. For example, this guy was going to have a job interview today. I bet he prepared for it, shaved himself, dressed nicely, maybe even put on some perfume. He was deep in his thoughts, probably rehearsing the right lines to impress his potential employer. And then I bumped into him and started talking to him. Very soon the job interview was forgotten. Because he was smart. There would always be other ordinary job opportunities. But ordinary jobs rarely make you 26 000 in one afternoon. He did the math...

HelixStudios - Josh Brady and Grayson Lange

HelixStudios – Josh Brady and Grayson Lange

You’ve turned in another round of titillating Twitter questions and in this go round we’re digging DEEP with gorgeous Grayson Lange and jockey hunk Josh Brady! Do the boys have any gag reflex LEFT? What Helix models would they want to do a scene with; and of course, what are their favorite positions? All these questions and MORE will be answered in this addition of our very popular series #Helix! Not only do the boys answer your questions they fulfill your fantasies with HOW you want them to undress, what to wear when and even give you some requested spanking....

Randy Blue - Rick Jonas and Tomas Adamec

Randy Blue – Rick Jonas and Tomas Adamec

Rick Jonas knows what you want to see. He is already hard underneath his underwear. Then Tomas Adamec comes through the door. He’s hard too. They pull out their dicks. Tomas walks over and plants a kiss on Rick. They start to kiss hard and their tongues dart into each other’s mouths. Then Tomas starts to suck on Rick’s uncut cock. Then Rick leaned over and started to suck off Tomas. Then he turns around and offers his hole to Rick. Rick dives in tongue first. He licks him hard and fast until Tomas begs for a dick. Rick takes...

Corbin Fisher - Daniel Gives It To Alex

Corbin Fisher – Daniel Gives It To Alex

Talk about a ground and pound! Daniel grinds Alex, his has bounce and rolling in the air. Then he kneels forward and shoves his swelling cock into Alex’s face and thrusts into his hungry mouth. Flipping over, the guys eat each other like they got an all-you-can-eat pass in the ass buffet! Hard and ready to fuck, Daniel does not take it easy on Alex. Of course, Alex gives absolutely zero inclination that he wants anything less. Let’s face it, since he got a feel for the cock, Alex has become one of our hungriest bottoms. He smiles from ear...

New Arrival - Cory Prince and Killian James

New Arrival – Cory Prince and Killian James

Shown into the Sergeants room, tiny tattooed twink is inspected by the strict superior Killian James. He’s not one for tattoos on his boys and strips Cory butt naked to see how many he really has. Liking what he sees, he’s willing to forgive the ink, but only if he’s good enough to fuck. Not wanting to be out on his ear, Cory slurps on Killian’s thick cut dick, the muscled hairy chested man working the boys head up and down over his shaft, arm up showing his hairy pits and handsome face in full view. Looking down at his...

BoysHalfwayHouse - His Hole Is a Teenage Wasteland

BoysHalfwayHouse – His Hole Is a Teenage Wasteland

Some teenage you can’t help but dislike. Not only does this one have a negative attitude, he is full of complaints and excuses. If he opens his mouth at all, it is to whine, and when he leaves his room in which he spends most of his time, the other residents scatter like dust in the wind. Part of the thing is his poor hygiene. House Managers aren’t too accustomed to having to tell guys to take a shower or brush their teeth. Nonetheless, if you can get over the stench and the bellyaching, he is definitely fuckable. I personally...

Twink Lovers Taking Turns - Jake Diamante and Chris Segewick

Twink Lovers Taking Turns – Jake Diamante and Chris Segewick

Jake Diamante should be heading out of the door but he just can’t resist the chance for one more fuck with his gorgeous lover Chris. With stiff smooth dicks oozing clear nectar they lick and gobble each other, but Chris needs some hole. After pounding his handsome lover deep his own ass is up for the taking, riding handsome Jake until their balls are tight and their loads are pumping!

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