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SpankThis – Wake & Spank – Zach Letoa & Riley Finch

After two snooze alarms go off, Zach Letoa comes in to help lazy bones boyfriend Riley Finch rise and shine. With Riley’s rump looking scrumptious in camo covered sweats, Zach has a tough time keeping his hands off the merchandise. However, this is the Finch’s sweet spot; and, Letoa knows that if anything can get the boy “up,” it’s some ass smackin’. He keeps the twink in his sexy sweats for a bit, as Finch arches his back on all fours and thrusts his firm, fat fanny back at Letoa’s open palm. Rambunctious Riley sheds his shirt, gets on his...

Raw Dick Flips for Nick – Jimmie Slater and Nick Cross

Two tatted men’s men tangle and get their gonads in gear in this raw bareback fuck. Swarthy, bearded hairy stud Nick Cross gets his cock royally serviced by horny cocksucker Jimmie Slater, and that’s just the appetizer. Slater’s no slouch in the muscle body department either, with his hairy chest and ripped abs. He peels down Nick’s undies to get a better chance to lick his nuts and hot musky ass. Once his ass is open and spit-slick, Nick straddles Jimmie’s waist and grinds onto his buddy’s stiff curved prong. Jimmie turns him on his side and pounds in from...

Cocksure Men – David Taylor Barebacks Ashland Reker

Ashland Reker looks sexy as fuck relaxing on the couch in his suit after getting home from work. David Taylor gets home wearing his suit, too, but he’s not ready to relax. First it’s time to have a passionate bareback fuck. The two manly studs kiss while David begins to strip Ashland out of his suit. They take their time sucking each other and taking off each other’s clothes. Ashland lubes up his ass and David Taylor’s raw cock, then goes for a ride. David gets kinky and puts Ashland on his knees on the couch. He takes Ashland’s red...

Avery Jones & Taylor Pierce – He Has A Snug Raw Hole For Fucking

Looking out over the city Taylor Pierce and Avery are so happy, but not as happy as they will be when they return to the bedroom to fuck. The boys are a perfect match, that much is clear. Swapping their hard young cocks the two make each other throb and ooze, but it’s just the start. Watch as handsome young Avery takes his lover’s long shaft in his tight little hole, faced down, doggy style and finally riding, making him jerk his juice out over Taylor and finishing with a messy splashing in his face.

Next Door Homemade – Dalton Riley

Check out this fresh, homemade content by hot and bothered Dalton Riley! After just getting back from a steamy workout at the gym, Dalton is getting lost in the musky smell of his shorts as he starts rubbing himself around his crotch and balls. Soon he’s moaning and stroking himself and aching to blow.

Corbin Fisher – ACM2611 – Andy Rides Barron

The great thing about getting Barron and Andy in to action together is you really only have to flip on the cameras, step back, and let them go at it. These two go wonderfully together. Andy’s insatiable when it comes to getting fucked; Barron’s insatiable when it comes to fucking. Andy loves getting railed by a big dick; Barron has the big dick and knows how to use it. Funny enough, despite how skilled each of these guys are at what they do, they still manage to blow one another away. Barron is a champ when it comes to drilling...

BoyFeast – Raleigh Dukati & Cole Duchovny and Justin Knowles

Raleigh Dukati is a damn horny guy, but he’s with the right to dudes to give him what he wants. Cole and Justin are teaming up to feed him their cocks and share him between them with Justin fucking his ass raw and Cole feeding him his cock and cum load! Check out the ass breeding action as Justin pumps his load into him and we watch it oozing out!

Bonds of Brotherhood – President Oaks & Mason Dean and Jace Madden

Usually relationships between boys in the mission are frowned upon. Not because of any inherent impropriety, but because such relationships can lead to the need for secrecy. The need for transparency amongst the missionaries has been declared over and over again and has been made one of the top priorities of boys on their journey towards the upper ranks of the priesthood. Ironic, considering there is no transparency offered from the Order. Nevertheless, boys continue to have relationships with each other and continue to go against the word of the Order by doing so. That is why the case of...

Rough Ryder – Evan Ryker and Richard Hicks

On a hot summer day, Richard Hicks sits on his window sill enjoying the sun, the heat, and the workers across the street. He’s soon distracted when his buff buddy Evan Ryker shows up. The handsome young man is horny and in the mood for a hot mouth around his cock. Stripped down completely naked, Richard gives Evan what he came for. An eager blowjob. Except Evan is too big for Richard to take, which is fine, because Evan knows exactly where his cock will fit. But first, he returns the oral favor. After servicing his twink friend–who doesn’t exactly...

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