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IconMale - Trent Ferris and Rodney Steele

IconMale – Trent Ferris and Rodney Steele

Young stud Trent Ferris seduces older, reserved Rodney Steele after falling for the lonely daddy at a support group. Watch the impressively hung older/younger pair exhaust each other in this passionate, intense sex scene. Filled with cock sucking, cum swallowing, and ass pounding!

CorbinFisher - Harper Nails Marc

CorbinFisher – Harper Nails Marc

Wow! Talk about some enthusiastic fucking! Marc and Harper were all over each other from the second they got in the bedroom. Harper loves a great ass – and Marc definitely has an amazing bubble butt. Harper also likes muscular guys – so it’s a double treat for him! Marc seems to get more eager every time I see him. He goes to town on Harper’s cock, sucking it like nobody’s business. He relishes getting fucked too, yelling out how he loves it in the ass as he rides Harper’s big cock. Harper gives him every inch – and makes...

Dirty Scout 52

Dirty Scout 52

I’m in Tuscany on vacation. So once again Dirty Scout 52, my deputy is in charge of our operations back in Prague. The poor boy must endure that horrible rainy weather while I lie on the beach and drink vine all day. I wasn’t surprised when he told me that he had a little fun yesterday. I couldn’t blame him, the work is sometimes a bit dull and we all need some distraction. To me, this guy looked impossible to get, but my deputy surprised me. He gave him the proper treatment our agency is famous for. Maybe being too...

Broke Straight Boys - Ronan Kennedy And Junior Fernandez

Broke Straight Boys – Ronan Kennedy And Junior Fernandez

Ronan Kennedy and Junior Fernandez don’t need any chit-chat to kick off their scene, they’re both horny and ready to dive right in, kissing as Junior works his way down to Ronan’s huge cock. He takes that dick in his mouth, sucking it and playing with Ronan’s balls as Ronan lies back and enjoys that wet mouth on his hard member. Ronan goes down on Junior too, giving him head while he fingers Junior’s ass and then they switch again and Junior’s sucking off Ronan. Junior can’t even fit half of Ronan’s long shaft in his mouth but he does...

Taking Turns - Tyler Hill and Sean Ford

Taking Turns – Tyler Hill and Sean Ford

Super stud Sean Ford stands seductively outside a crowded bar. He’s either up to no good or looking for trouble. He definitely finds it as twinkriffic Tyler Hill turns up and plants a wet one right on his kisser! Bold and beautiful, both boys bring it back to the bedroom for a back and fourth flip flop bang-fest! This tumble in the sheets is terrific as the dynamic duo explore, inspect and taste every inch of each other inside and out! These are two of the most beautiful golden boys you’ll ever see taking turns treating each other like the...

Young Wanker Fucked as a Toy - Chris Loan and Loic Miller

Young Wanker Fucked as a Toy – Chris Loan and Loic Miller

The young Loic Miller took the opportunity to be alone at home to test out several sex toys and jack off in the living room (see the scene “The Toys of Loic”) but Chris Loan comes home earlier than expected and surprises the twink naked on the sofa, his cock still erect and full of sperm! Loic Miller is embarrassed by getting caught red-handed but Chris who’s very excited by the situation begins to kiss him. Even if he had cum a few minutes before, Loïc is still hot and cannot resist to the big cock of Chris standing in...

Twinks In Shorts - Shane Hirch and Ross Mitchell

Twinks In Shorts – Shane Hirch and Ross Mitchell

It’s been a while since we’ve seen dark-haired college hunk Shane Hirch. Then again, he’s been busy hitting the books instead of hitting the sheets. Now that he’s on a hiatus, we were able to lure him back to Twinks in Shorts to give slender waif Ross Mitchell a much needed massage. After telling Shane what Ross would like him to focus on, the skinny twink lays face down and gives his body up for Shane Hirch to manipulate. The handsome hunk gets his hands all slippery with oil and starts working on Ross’ sore body. As Shane kneads Ross...

Debt Dandy 161

Debt Dandy 161

I don’t often meet rich Debt Dandy 161 spoiled kids. This brat was something special. He was no genius but at least he knew how to party. His parents left him home and went on a vacation. So he decided to go totally crazy. He spent all his money on drugs, hookers, parties, and gambling. When he run out of money, he borrowed more and partied like there was no tomorrow. Well, the tomorrow did come and his parents were soon to follow. He started panicking, he was afraid they might kick him out for his behavior. So he called...

Czech Hunter 269

Czech Hunter 269

I was almost ready to go Czech Hunter 269 home and have a jerk off, that’s how badly this day went. Then I met a 19 years old schoolboy going for the afternoon class. He studied to be bricklayer. Didn’t know that you must study to put a brick on another brick. And he was super cute and completely broke. He wasn’t very enthusiastic about the school so it was easy to find a better program for both of us. I can say one thing, I have never felt such a beautifully tight ass. This guy was definitely a virgin....

Чешский Oхотник 268

Чешский Oхотник 268

Я люблю Чешский Oхотник 268, чтобы полностью сорвать планы других людей. Например, этот парень собирается на собеседование. Я уверен, что он приготовил для него, побрился, красиво одет, может быть, даже духи. Он был глубоко в своих мыслях, наверное, репетирует правильном пути, чтобы произвести впечатление на своего потенциального работодателя. И тогда я наткнулся на него и начал говорить с ним. Очень скоро собеседование было забыто. Потому что он был умен. Там всегда будут другие обычные вакансии. Но обычные рабочие места редко сделает вас 26 000 за один день. Он сделал математику и вместо того, чтобы пытаться устроиться на работу барменом он...

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