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BiLatinMen – Julian & Real

Julian con otro semental musculoso, ¡pero acaba siendo la perra pasiva! Me gusta ir a un lugar cálido cuando llega el invierno. Yo odio el clima frio. Planeo irme en dos días y quería divertirme rápido antes de la partida. Un amigo me prestó su plaza de aparcamiento, donde podía dejar mi coche mientras estaba en el extranjero. Mi idea para esta noche era encontrar un chico lindo, llevarlo a los garajes y follarlo allí mismo. Quería hacer algo loco. Ahora tenía que encontrar un chico que quisiera ir conmigo. En realidad, fue bastante fácil. Encontré al chico más guapo...

LatinBoyz – Latin Foreskin Uncut Cock TEZZ

Lovers of Latin foreskin uncut cock and long dicks will love this week’s new model Tezz. He’s a no nonsense guy that likes to get to the point and has been known to fuck three or four times a day when he’s really horny and not always with the same person. As you can see from his preview video Tezz loves to do cardio exercise and tone up because it keeps him in shape and so that he is always ready for that next tight hole to fuck.

LatinBoyz – Naked Latins Big Dick WAPO

One of our members did an online search for ‘naked Latins big dicks’ and ended up finding a social media page from our new model Wapo and contacted him to see if he would be interested in modeling for us. Wapo really needed the money and said yes right away. He’s a happy guy with an easy smile and had a lot of fun doing the shoot and showing off that big dick as well as his hot ass. In addition to his physical attributes Wapo is horny as fuck and loves to get his dick sucked. A lot of...

SwinginBalls – DEPRIVED! – Marcus Rivers & Rimshot

After being “stuck in the house” for a month, Marcus Rivers asks Rimshot over for a game, and some fun. Straight up offering his friend a blowjob, Marcus is a bit surprised when Rimshot agrees; Marcus’ “dry spell” may be over. While naked and on his knees, Marcus swings ’em right in front of the camera as he continues to inhale his friend. He also sucks on Rimshot’s “boys” when the pair jerk off. Blowing his load, Marcus continues to drip in anticipation of Rimshot’s release; unfortunately, once again, Marcus is deprived on SwinginBalls.

Manalized – Jocks And Big Cocks – Cade Maddox and Max Adonis

Horny jock Max Adonis hooks up with tattooed gym buddy Cade Maddox in the gym parking lot. After hot kissing session, Max drops down on his knees and worships Cade’s big cock, sucking it like a real slut, while Cade is filming him with his phone. Cade gives us a POV close up of Max’s tight hairy ass before he starts rimming him hard. Soon after they switch to bareback doggystyle on stacked old lockers, while Max is filming himself moaning and getting hammered by Cade. After hardcore pounding, Cade pulls out his cock and shoots his warm jizz on...

TXXXMStudios – Cute Boy Conor Rey In The Shower

You want to be in a horny boy’s bedroom right now, right? I’m guessing the sight of adorable little Conor in his snug jeans showing off his tight ass is going to have you wishing it was his bedroom you were in, too. The adorable boy isn’t in them for long, he’s soon showing off his long socks, his bulging neon pink underwear and his smooth body. This twink knows how to put on a show, taking us to the shower and showing off his dick and snug little hole, jerking out his cream for us in a very satisfying...

TXXXMStudios – So Greedy For Cock & Ass – Alex Gomez and Lee Daniels

You know it’s gonna be good when you have a couple of cock-starved ass-loving guys together for a horny fuck after a couple of weeks without any action. Lee and Alex can’t get enough, they’re eating ass, sucking cock, swapping holes and taking turns to bang each other to an epic finish. You won’t believe how long these two guys were going at it, but you’ll get a good idea from the way the lighting changes. By the time Lee is getting the cum he craves right in his face you’ll be shooting it off with them.

TXXXMStudios – Raw Lads Backseat Threesome – Kyle Dickson & Scott Davis and Jamie Lee

Jamie Lee is always an instigator for some horny fun with the lads, but Kyle and Scott ain’t gonna say not to some backseat bareback threesome fun whoever it is suggesting it. With the rest of the lads out of the way the horny trio are soon sucking those hard uncut cocks and young Kyle is begging for some rimming and fucking. Boy does he get it from his two buddies, with Scott getting sandwiched between them in a chain fucking too before those cum loads are leaping from their satisfied erections.

RawEuro – Casper’s Payback – Casper Ivarsson and Jerome James

Casper Ivarsson was in his bathroom, relaxing and taking a hot bubbly shower when Jerome James suddenly walked in there! That, as pretty much expected, made his young dick go through the ceiling in a matter of seconds. Casper started working on Jerome’s fully pumping cock from the other side of the glass and that made him crazy hard as well! After a sweaty and passionate oral session the horny boys got into the living room where Jerome started gagging on his lover’s rock solid boner as fast as he can. The sexy young man insatiably sucked him off for...

OnlyFans – Cream Dicks – Covid Coochie

Covid Coochie with another muscle stud, but ends up being the bottom bitch! I like to go somewhere warm when winter arrives. I hate cold weather. I plan leaving in two days and wanted to have a quick fun before the departure. A friend of mine lent me his parking space, where I could leave my car while being abroad. My idea for tonight was to find a cute boy, bring him to the garages, and fuck him right there. I wanted to do something crazy. Now I had to find a boy willing to go with me. It was...

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