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Ed Fox and Jed James

Ed Fox and Jed James

Skinhead Ed Fox has an energetic session with sexy tattooed Jed James, who loves Ed’s 9-inch uncut cock! With both guys rock solid from the start, there’s plenty of deep throat, face fucking, and very hard fucking in 3 positions, climaxing with Ed shooting a huge spunk Skinhead load over Jed’s face and mouth.

Randy Blue - Brendan Philips & Ashton Summers

Randy Blue – Brendan Philips & Ashton Summers

Brendan Philips has a type. Hot Latin men. So I knew that pairing his body builder power bottom physique with Latin heart throb, Ashton Summers, would be slam dunk. Little did I know that Brendan Philips had been a fan of Ashton’s previous work from before Randy Blue and had been talking to him via twitter. Brendan was dying to one day do a scene with him. And here I was making dreams come true. Ashton had bottomed a lot for us, and was dying to show that he can top too. The scene was electric. They both have perfect...

New Hungarian Beauties

New Hungarian Beauties

Whoever said Love “New Hungarian Beauties” is the universal language never managed a multi-national gay porn studio. Frequently our poor Hungarian hunks are at a disadvantage due to the language barrier. So, in this edition we combined three of our Magyar Freshmen together to enable more lively interaction.

Arousing Memories - Michael Del Ray and Derrick Dime

Arousing Memories – Michael Del Ray and Derrick Dime

As he lay in bed tossing and turning, Derrick Dime can’t seem to shake the memories of his past, and as he twirls the wedding ring on his finger, he can’t help but think he’s made a mistake. The next day, he decides to act on it, as repairman Michael Del Ray finishes up at the property Derrick is restoring. Bonding over some post-work beers, the two guys get to talking about their significant others, and Michael lets slip that he feels like he may as well switch teams. Hearing this, Derrick perks up, and slides a hand down Michael’s...

Greco Gets A Raw Cum Load - Greco Rai and Cole Claire

Greco Gets A Raw Cum Load – Greco Rai and Cole Claire

Selfie sticks are pretty stupid, I think we all agree. But when you’re using them the way Greco is as he takes that long and hard cock of his lover Cole then we can certainly appreciate it! The boys enjoy some amazing humping, and all while they film themselves as Cole slides in and out of his ass and makes him cum over himself before getting a thick and messy load up his hole too! Check out the oozing cummy ending!

Muscle boy - Mike Roberts & Mason Wyler

Muscle boy – Mike Roberts & Mason Wyler

Muscle boy Mike Roberts spies on ripped, lean, piss-loving Mason Wyler in the shower and joins him. Mason drinks down a hot load of Mike’s piss, pissing on himself while he does. Mason worships Mike’s pecs, biceps and sucks on his big uncut cock. Mason gets rock hard while sucking Mike and that’s big beautiful hard uncut cocks! Mike blows his load in Mason’s mouth and then feeds him another load of piss.

Male Bonding - Dylan Henri and Caleb King

Male Bonding – Dylan Henri and Caleb King

When Caleb King and Dylan Henri are chillin’ together, anything can happen. They’ve recently become friends after meeting at a popular downtown gay club. Last night, Caleb was at the same club, and a guy was gonna suck his dick in the bathroom. But as Dylan is learning, the guy bailed when he saw that Caleb’s dick is uncut. Dylan can’t believe a dude would NOT wanna suck Caleb’s cock, considering how incredibly sexy Caleb King is. Now, Dylan is taking this opportunity to show Caleb that he’s uncircumcised too and that he LOVES sucking other uncut dicks!! Caleb is...

Prowling For Lifeguards - Angel Cruz & Christian Bay and Mickey Knox

Prowling For Lifeguards – Angel Cruz & Christian Bay and Mickey Knox

Mickey Knox and Christian Bay are on vacation together and are looking for a little trouble. This year they decided to go to the beach a week or two before spring break was in full swing. Their thinking was it would be a little less crowded. Well, they definitely don’t have to fight through any crowds to see the beach but somehow they still seem to find what they desire. The beach is beautiful but what they want the most, is a hot tan stud with a killer beach body. When Angel Cruz is spotted on the sand the boys...

Hard Hitting Tops - Rex Cameron Bottoms For Michael Lucas

Hard Hitting Tops – Rex Cameron Bottoms For Michael Lucas

Rex Cameron makes his Lucas Entertainment debut, and Michael Lucas breaks him in with his 10-inch uncut Russian cock. Rex loves getting fucked on his back — there is a lot more intimacy when two guys make eye contact during a sweaty session of bareback sex. Michael makes Rex work for his load from the onset of the encounter, and if there’s one thing Rex is known for it’s his strong work ethic. Rex really loves bottoming for an aggressive top: giving over total control is Rex’s greatest sexual fetish. With that in mind, his fuck session with Michael Lucas...

Fucking the Boyfriends

Fucking the Boyfriends

Aside from the obvious, there’s always a certain level of satisfaction in fucking boyfriends. Especially when you can just pull your cock out of one, take a step to the side, and start fucking the other all in the same breath. It’s pretty fucking hot as you’ll see here. I think Austin R. and Jaxx were pretty anxious to get into Austin’s pants, and play with and take his huge cock. The look of joy on their faces when it came out explains it all! They’re both great tops, but they’re exceptional bottoms! Austin pretty much had his way with...

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