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First Time Flashback - Aiden Garcia & Ben Masters

First Time Flashback – Aiden Garcia & Ben Masters

Take a sexed up walk down memory lane with Aiden Garcia as he describes (in deliciously dirty detail) his first time with a guy back in high school. He walks us through his relationship with a high school hottie who was sort of a bully, the kind of guy who teases you when what he really wants is a blowjob. His story brings back all the feels from high school, the nervousness of being caught, the excitement, and the dick dripping goodness of your first time! Garcia leads us through the chase until he finally gets the courage to invite...

Gay Castings - Alex Gray

Gay Castings – Alex Gray

Alex Gray with another muscle stud, but ends up being the bottom bitch! I like to go somewhere warm when winter arrives. I hate cold weather. I plan leaving in two days and wanted to have a quick fun before the departure. A friend of mine lent me his parking space, where I could leave my car while being abroad. My idea for tonight was to find a cute boy Alex Gray, bring him to the garages, and fuck him right there. I wanted to do something crazy. Now I had to find a boy willing to go with me....

Citebeur - Bitume and Tryon Bang in the basement

Citebeur – Bitume and Tryon Bang in the basement

Bitume, the most well-hung guy in Citebeur’s history, is finally back with his truncheon. It’s as if he has come back with a body even more muscled than before, and he always assures his fans of some self-sucking. To ensure that the right hole is ready to house his spectacular member, he takes no hostages – a task well suited to hot bottom, Tyron Bang!

Young Perps - Bareback Case - No 1801015-02

Young Perps – Bareback Case – No 1801015-02

December 28, 2017, 7:19pm. Petty Theft. Bareback Case. Two suspects, 21 year old black male and 20 year old black male, were caught on camera attempting to conceal a camera and exit without purchasing. Before they could make their exit, they were stopped by local security. It was determined by the Loss Prevention Officer that they were working together, and, as such, were both brought in for inspection and questioning. While in custody, the officer performed a routine body search, resulting in the recovery of the camera in question, as well as identifying one of the suspects as a repeat...

GayLifeNetwork - Alex Dade & JT Wreck

GayLifeNetwork – Alex Dade & JT Wreck

Alex Dade and JT Wreck make magic on camera again in this classroom scene featuring a puppet show. JT Wreck loves getting his dick sucked and his balls milked. Alex Dade is there today to give him exactly what he wants… needs.. and more! The two play a little game with puppets before getting down to the nitty gritty. Alex hops right on top of JT and gives him just what he’s been asking for all along.

BlackBoyAddictionz - Justice Is Served featuring Justice and Mar

BlackBoyAddictionz – Justice Is Served featuring Justice and Mar

Making his amateur action debut this weekend is new model Justice, a handsome, 22-year-old college student and athlete who enjoys going to the gym and playing sports in his free time. Hairy and thick with a “football player” build, Justice should be a nice change of pace for those viewers who prefer their black men with a little more meat on their bones. Justice identifies as “hetero-flexible,” which is pretty much just a fancy way of saying “mostly straight.” But his early experimentation with a couple male friends growing up seems to have sparked a curiosity and craving for more,...

EastBoys Solo action - Kent Mills

EastBoys Solo action – Kent Mills

Case you had no Friday evening plans, we are glad to offer you solo performance by Kent Mills. Naked, young, smooth and muscular, Kent has great body and enjoys showing it off, and tonight will – besides flexing and oiling up – beat and punish his cock as well. What better way to complete your working week?

Dudes Raw - Aaron Cole Barebacks Lee Booker

Dudes Raw – Aaron Cole Barebacks Lee Booker

Lee Booker and Aaron Cole are both only in their jeans, making out and rubbing each other’s throbbing bulges beneath their pants. Soon enough their thick cocks are unleashed and they take turns sucking them up and down, making sure no inch goes neglected! Aaron uses the lube to get Lee’s hairy asshole nice and wet, making it easier for him to slip in his fingers. Lee hops on top of Aaron and takes every inch of his throbbing cock into his deep asshole. Lee stokes his beautiful thick cock while being fucked and cums all over himself. Aaron finally...

Dudes Raw - Mikey Philips Barebacks Aiden Baxter

Dudes Raw – Mikey Philips Barebacks Aiden Baxter

Last we meet Mikey Philips and Aidan Baxter who’s dicks are both looking to get some action. These guys have beautiful cocks that deserve a whole lot of special attention. After some sucking and playing around, it’s not long before the ass fucking begins! After some hard deep pounds the jizz goes flying all over the place, leaving a huge sticky white mess. These guys truly know the secret to waking up.

Defenseless - Cole Claire & Leo Frost

Defenseless – Cole Claire & Leo Frost

We join Defenseless our two twinks mid-tickle/wrestling match as Cole Claire tosses around boy toy Leo Frost who apparently has several sensitive, sexy spots Cole just keeps hitting causing the kid to squeal with delicious delight. After our dirty blond boy Frost is calmed from of his lust filled laughter, he manages to tell Claire his dirty desires. The kid whimpers “I want dick.” Cole is more than happy to deliver, but keeps the anticipation and excitement throbbing by saying, “show me how much you want it.” Tight little bodied Leo whips off Cole’s clothes and in downing that thick...

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